Eat Healthily And Enjoy An Active Lifestyle With The Now Now Application

Eat Healthily


In today’s busy life sometimes it becomes hard to go and visit a supermarket and perform all of your groceries. But if you are living in the United Arab Emirates now you have this amazing opportunity of performing all of your grocery shopping just by sitting at your home. All you have to do is install the Now Now application on your mobile and perform your grocery shopping and enjoy receiving them at your doorstep. All of these products are offered in healthy and fresh condition so you can have no issues while offering them to your friends and family. 

Bakery item from Spinneys

The Now Now application brings you an amazing collection of bakery items from the Spinneys store.In this section, you will find a huge variety of different bakery items that you can use in your breakfast and as a snack. All of these items are prepared under strict quality control and they are offered in fresh condition so you can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. Browse this section and purchase exciting food items that will improve the appetite of your kids. 

Stay hydrated with a wide variety of beverages

While browsing the application you can have the chance of purchasing your favorite beverages from a wide variety. If you love to enjoy beverages from a specific brand then you can purchase them from this application. If you are looking for something that keeps you hydrated then you can drink your favorite water from this platform. In this section, you will find beverages from different brands and you can purchase them in their sugar-free versions.

Enjoy healthy and ready food

This is one of the most exciting corners of the spinneys grocery shop because here you are offered tasty and quality recipes. You can enjoy purchasing ready-to-eat food and make your dress more impressed with the perfect taste. These products are offered in a well-preserved presentation and the Now Now application makes sure that all of the products you receive have a valid expiry date.

Frozen foods

With the help of the Now Now application, you can purchase quality Frozen Food and enjoy offering tasty food to your family. On this application, you can have the chance of browsing Spinneys grocery store and purchase meat, butter and other frozen items. All of these products are offered with perfect packaging so you can receive them in excellent condition. Purchased these products with the Now Now code and save your money while shopping.

Meat & Seafood

Get the most hygeic and healthy meat and seafood by visiting its amazing application of Now Now.  You can get all the proteinous and fresh meat and seafood from its application so you can get Crabs, Caviar, Roe, BBQ Sessions, Fresh Clams, Whole Fish, Squid and much more. You can get all these appetizing food instantly by just ordering them online at much discounted rates. Make this Ramadan more tempting without spending huge amount of money by getting Ramadan Sale.


Have the most scrumptious and delectable food items when having a craving of snacks or appetizers from the online application of Now Now. You can get the most delicious and mouth watering items such as Tahini and Baba Ghanooj to make your cravings go away. It has the most amazing delivery services to get your hands on the most incredible and delightful food products. On top of it, you can get hold of Ramadan Now Now Promo Code to get the most lip smacking food without spending gigantic notes in this Ramadan.

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