Some interesting and unknown facts about flowers that everyone should know!



Flowers are usually used for decorating purposes. They are required when there happens to be an occasion; where the interiors are beautifully arranged with colourful blossoms, gardening uses and for giving gifts as well. We are all surrounded with the essence of flowers. They tend to transform our world to a more happier place to reside. Apart from pleasing us, they also carry some remedial properties. They mesmerise us with their aromatic essence and captivating beauty, alongside their other hidden properties. They are simply one of those wonderful creations of nature. But, do you know that the flowers hold some exceptional purposes?

Since the earliest eras, flowers have been utilised for numerous things. Many people opt to choose florals to denote their emotions which sometimes gets very hard to express, like love, loyalty and recognition. Centuries ago, flowers have been used for their unique aromatherapy, medicinal properties, and other curative purposes. Nowadays, people generally use to send trimmed bouquets and other floral arrangements, in order to express their emotions like, when they feel sorry or when they feel utterly grateful. Amongst many other flowers, lotus have some historical and religious importance. Like that, many other flowers must be certainly carrying some unusual features and needs.

As of current times, many botanists have observed and came across around 2,70,000 varied types of blossoms. Out of them, roses acquire a definite number of 35,000 and hence are treated to be the most beneficial blossoms in the entire world. And without any doubt, the number keeps on growing day by day. Apart from this, there are other kinds of florals left, who too carry unique features. In order to know more, let’s get into the world of flowers:

1. Gerbera Daisies helps in sleeping peacefully:

Are you suffering from insomnia? Sleeping is highly beneficial for our mind and body. Nowadays, many of us aren’t getting enough sleep. So, if you’re looking out for solutions that could help you in having a good sleep, then choose Gerbera Daisies. Place these blossoms at your bedside table. These flowers give off oxygen and take in carbon monoxide and other toxicants during the night time. So, get these essential blossoms by opting for the service of online flowers delivery in Bangalore and get them dispatched at your date.

2. Tulips bulbs are used as source of food

Even though the fact is fully known, it is still necessary to have the knowledge regarding why tulips are used as a food source. They were eaten for the shortage of food and unwanted hunger, but somewhere nobody took this into account. All along World War II, many claimed that they were just eating tulips bulbs just in order to control their hunger, despite of their awful taste. Tulips bulbs were also the replacement of onions. Apart from this  just like the earlier times, tulips bulbs can make an alluring bouquet to gift someone. Avail our service of flowers delivery in Delhi, and get them at your home.

3. Daffodils are utilised as currency:

Do you know Daffodils were used as currency? Yes, you heard it right. These flowers were used for Prince Charles as currencies. He was paid one daffodil per year for his rented lands on the Scilly Island

4. Roses are closely associated with almonds and fruits:

Roses are somewhere closely related to apples, cherries, raspberries, almonds, nectarines, plums and peaches. Rose hips are filled with Vitamin C and are used in making teas and jellies.

5. Orchids have the biggest family amongst all the florals:

Orchids are just extremely special. They tend to be the oldest amongst all other flowers and have been in existence for the longest ever. Before the partition of the continents, numerous orchids were spotted around the world. They look royal and sophisticated. They got various shapes and colours. They also serve as a perfect gift for any occasion. Get orchid flower online for your special ones to convey your warmest wishes.

6. All about Floriography:

Do you know the language of flowers? Since many years, Floriography (flower language) has been into existence. The language became more famous during the Victorian era, as it was used to convey expressions of emotions and love. Paired with an encoded message the sender used to send blossoms to the receiver. Apart from this, there are many other facts about flowers that are yet to get discovered.

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