4 Creative ideas implemented in stores to surprise customers

ideas implemented in storesb


Here are 4 fun, smart and still very creative initiatives spotted around the world that allow merchants and other marketers to surprise customers.

Attracting and surprising customers is no easy task. It takes time to think things through to imagine ideas … and above all to put them into practice . Because when you are a merchant or a marketing professional , you have to be creative to achieve your goals. Why ? It is one of the most powerful ways to attract attention and get people talking: whether through classic word of mouth or via social networks .

And if you’re lacking inspiration, here are 4 awesome business marketing ideas that are sure to surprise you with their creativity.

1. A calculator on your cart

An amusing idea, especially present in Anglo-Saxon countries, which seems to have been introduced in the late 90s. Some shopping carts were equipped with calculators to do their shopping without any bad surprises at the checkouts. Without a doubt, the advent of smartphones must have slowed down the development of this idea!

2. Two ways of shopping

At this Innisfree beauty store , located in South Korea , customers can choose between a green basket and an orange basket . Green tells sellers not to disturb the customer , while orange is a way to get the seller’s attention for advice . A brilliant idea for shy customers who may find it difficult to take the first step

3. Fruits sorted according to their ripening

Choosing fruits and vegetables always takes a little time. We often wonder if they are too ripe or not ripe enough , in order to avoid any waste. So this store had the idea to divide its bananas into 3 parts : those that are ripe for consumption now , those that will be in 1 to 2 days and those in 3 to 4 days .

4. Choose a book without knowing the title

This bookstore had the ingenious idea of ​​selling books by wrapping them in paper and writing a short summary on them. You don’t know the title or the author’s name… basically you don’t have any information other than a few words about the story . Enough to whet the curiosity of readers!

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