A Guide to Buying Men’s Bucket Hats

Buying Men’s Bucket Hats


Bucket hats are popular men’s accessories and are worn all over the globe. Their popularity keeps on increasing, and they now top the list of the most fashionable caps among fashion designers. Although there are different hat styles, bucket hats stand out due to their simplicity. They are easily foldable and come in various designs. Are you shopping for a bucket hat and don’t know where to start? Here’s a guide to help you out;

What’s a bucket hat?

A bucket hat is a wide-brimmed headgear that was popular in the 1960s. They come in different variations and feature a narrow and downsloping brim. These fashion trends keep coming back, and you’ll spot most men wearing these hats to protect themselves from the sun. Also, they are bold fashion statements, and you’ll get them in different designs and colors.

 What should I consider when shopping for men’s bucket hats?

There are multiple aspects to keep in mind when shopping for bucket hats for men. These include the material, color, size, durability, and more.

  • The color

The color choices are endless, but not all will suit your outfit and personality. Your choice will depend on your style and character. For instance, older men prefer simple hues like black, white, and brown; these are easy to accessorize.

  • Design 

Bucket hats are common among the young and the old. The trends keep on changing, and you should choose a design that will stay fashionable no matter the trends. However, a hat with a club logo is a perfect choice if you’re a sports enthusiast. This won’t change for years, and you can wear it at all times. The hat should also feature additional accessories like buttons to enhance its charm. The good thing about these hats is that you can get different designs for men of all ages.

  • Materials

You’ll get men’s hats in different fabrics, and bucket hats aren’t an exception. They come in cotton, nylon, polyester, straw, wool, linen, and many other materials. Your choice will determine the cleaning method and how easy it is to clean your hat. The fabric also determines durability, and you should go for strong yet fashionable materials.

  • Price

This is a major factor since your hat choice should match your budget. You’ll get men’s bucket hats at different prices, mainly depending on the design and material. Go for quality pieces to minimize the risk of fading and repairs. Although some can be costly, they are a good value for money, and quality should be the leading factor.

How can I wear bucket hats?

 Bucket hats are easy to accessorize. Choose neutral colors if you’re a beginner; they can match with almost any outfit. Pair them with a blazer, oversized trousers, jeans, and a T-shirt – your options are endless. Whether going out with friends or just basking in the sun, bucket hats make favorite choices.

Bucket hats are great fashion accessories for men of all ages. You’ll get them in different colors and materials, and they are easy to clean. You can fold them and carry them with ease. But, you should be selective and choose the perfect piece hence the need to shop from reputed stores.

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