Bruce Weber Photographer shares Fashion Photography Tips That Never Go Out of Style

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Fashion photographs are known to showcase clothing and other fashion items in the best possible manner. One may often find fashion photographers in exotic locations, where they capture photos of super models. But all of this is ultimately done to communicate the brand story and promote a fashion line. Fashion photography often blurs with many other photography genres, including product, portrait, and fine art. Bruce Weber Photographer, for instance, is popular for his fashion photography, many of which are influenced by portraiture. On the whole, fashion photography is quite a diverse genre. It keeps evolving as photographers manifest and explore new aesthetics.

Bruce Weber Photographer offers valuable fashion photography tips

Before anything else, selecting the right lens is immensely important in fashion photography. The use of a longer lens, such as a 105mm or 85mm can especially be a great move. Longer telephoto focal lengths can create an amazing compression effect, blur the background and provide more attention to the subject. Long lens can be quite helpful in creating glamorous, iconic headshots as it makes the model look to scale. A lot of photographers prefer to use 105mm f/1.4, as it creates a classic look without distorting the features of the model.

Lighting is another important component of capturing wonderful fashion images or portraits. Playing with natural light can be a great idea for newbie photographers. They should consider shooting for peak times of the day like near the golden hours of sunset/near sunrise. One may even choose to shoot backlit during this time. As the sun comes behind the model, the photographer may overexpose it a little bit to create a nice hair light from the sun. The light can additionally be balanced with a reflector to fill in the face. With the help of this technique, it is possible to achieve a distinctive, dreamy fashion lens flare.

Angles are also pretty vital to fashion photo shoots. They are the best way to change the perspective and create more “oomph” in an image. One must keep in mind that whatever is closer to the lens will invariably appear larger. When shooting headshots with either an 85mm or 105mm lens, it is better to get a little above the subject, and then shoot down. This will help in making the eyes of the subject stand out.

On the other hand, maintaining quite an opposite approach will be better when shooting full-length. Getting a bit lower angle with a wider 35mm or 50mm lens allows the photographer to elongate the legs of the subject and capture background scenery. This angle is ideal for achieving the high-fashion look. Moreover, it is easier to make people look more powerful when shooting at a low angle.

To level up their fashion photography capabilities, one must accentuate on more than just fashion and textures in an image. They also should try to bring out the personality of the person wearing the outfits. Doing so can significantly help elevate the aura and impact of the final image.  Checking out the works of Bruce Weber Photographer online can help amateurs to gain inspiration for fashion photography.

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