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Adan's Libas


Are you looking for the best collection of suits for your special events? Yes. Get the top branded unstitched suits available at the best price. In the collection of the best suits, the name of Adan’s Libas is counted in the top list. No doubt, the popularity of the suits is high in South Asia. It is especially popular in the nations such as Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

About the collection of Adan’s Libas

Adnas Libas is renowned for different variety of women’s dress collections. Now, you can easily look ahead with beautiful

  • Swiss Voil heavy Embroidered
  • The wedding Guzarish,
  • the Chantelle heavy Embroidered

The brand gives the best collection for various occasions and requirements. Adan’s Libas is an emerging company that is having specialization in branded women’s designer wear making stylish chic casual and formal attires to complement every woman.

Unstitched suits comprise

These suits normally consist of fabric for the shirt, trousers, and a dupatta. It lets the buyers to personalized outfits as per the choices related to the fit, style and embroidery.

Suit or shirt fabric

The size of the suit fabric remains from 2.5 to 3 m yards. A woman of any size can easily make any dress to their taste. The cloth for the sleeves is also added to the suit fabrics. The sleeves can be simple or even designer. Half to full sleeves are easily possible. You may get the Embroidered Neck and best quality of the patches.

Trouser 2.5 Yard

After the suit, you will get the fabric for the trousers. Again the size will be about 2.5 to 3 meters. The designer laces can be added to boost the look of the trousers.

Dupatta 2.5 Yard

The standard length of a dupatta is 2.5-yard. It gives enough fabric to drape stylishly over the shoulders or across the body while allowing for different styling choices.

Adan’s Libas assures for 100% Original products

The products offered by Adan’s Libas and offered at Ibaas are assured of the best quality. Now, you can easily choose the best products available at the most favourable price.

Why choose Ibaas for the wonderful collection of Adan’s Libas?

Ibaas is a leading online store dealing in the top Ethnic Brands giving you the best upbeat trends in the market at budget-friendly cost. We have a wonderful collection with amazing offers! We curate designs from top designers and the stars on the horizon. Now, you can look ahead with the amazing collection of striking designer suits and designer Bridal Wear and all are available at amazing prices. All the products are available at the best quality.

Committed to giving the best

Ibaas is committed to giving you the latest trendy fashion pieces and styles. We consider strong communication and supreme customer service so you can get the unwanted waters smoothly.

Get the best discounted price to save more.

If you are shopping with renowned Ibaas Online, look ahead with the most comfortable discounted price available for every product. All the stitched classic and ethical items are offered at the best price on the market. So, you will face no difficulty at all in enjoying the top fabric. Additionally, we confirm to give faster delivery of every product without any holdup. The quality check team properly checks every product on every delivery.

Open terms nothing hidden

It is important to look into the return policy and money-back assurance when you shop online. In the way, you’re covered in case the dress doesn’t meet your hopes or doesn’t fit perfectly. For people who are working on a tight budget, you should consider Pakistani designer dresses India from small home-based businesses. One can just wear something attractive without hitting the bank.

Get the best summer collections

No doubt, summer is unbearable and considered the right time for sun, beaches, and amazing outdoor pursuits. Now, you can easily look for breezy and airy dresses are the perfect choice of fashion to stay stylish and cool at the same time. Ibaas Online give a special collection of the summer collection to wear for any event.


Adan’s Libas gives an eye-catching unstitched suit collection that appeals to all buyers. From difficult embroidery to top-quality fabrics, their formal dresses are ideal for your big day. One can purchase online from Adan’s Libas with confidence, understanding that you’ll get a dress that matches your hopes. So, make your special day even more outstanding with a dramatic wedding dress from Adan’s Libas.

Unstitched suits offered at Ibaas are assured for their versatility in terms of design, permitting buyers to select from a broad range of fabrics, colours, and patterns to suit different tastes and occasions. Now, every customer can shop confidently for the best collection of Adan’s Libas.

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