Invitation Card for a Baby Shower

Invitation Card


With the current situation in the world, many plans have been cancelled. That’s because we can’t take the risk of having an agglomeration of people with the new coronavirus in the air. So weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries had to be cancelled, postponed or adapted.

Like Easter, for example, which had to be at a distance for many families. Many moms who are pregnant and had their baby showers scheduled also suffered from the situation. But calm down! Perhaps this is not necessary. Why not do it remotely? The virtual baby shower can save your event and be as special as if it were happening in person.

But how does it work?

Your event is not ruined. The virtual baby shower can happen through digital platforms, such as your computer, cell phone or tablet. You can still make a decoration and several delicious snacks , but this time, it will be each one in your house.

We’ve put together some tips to help you on that special day:

  1. Create a really nice invitation!

There are many online platforms for creating invitation cards from baby shower template and formats for invitations. Choose your favorite and create. In the invitation, instead of the physical address, put the link of the platform where you will host the event. There are several platforms where people can meet online, such as Discord, Zoom, Skype and even Google Hangouts.

Also think about the time according to the people you are going to invite. If you have children at home, what is the best time for them to participate? Once the invitation is ready, send it by email or WhatsApp to your guests.

What a beautiful invitation card for a baby shower you’ve made for your friend’s baby shower! The colors and design are so original, just perfect.

  1. Change the gift list!

Instead of making a list of gifts that due to the current situation will be difficult to find, switch to receiving the gift in cash. Arrange with your guests to transfer the money to your bank account. So, you can buy on your favorite website and without a headache.

  1. Decoration!

There are some items that are essential in a baby shower, such as the sweets table, a scenographic cake, snacks and souvenirs. However, some things will need to be adapted. The decoration you can find on websites that deliver to your home, remembering that you must always sanitize the packaging and parts very well to use them.

There are several delivery platforms, such as IFood, which work in partnership with pastry shops or snack buffets. It is then possible to order your snacks, sweets and cakes through this platform. Also remembering to sanitize the packaging .

With all the decorations ready and tidy, ask your partner or someone who lives with you to take lots of photos for remembrance. This moment is more than special and it’s yours and the baby’s. Oh! Of course, the souvenirs! They can be more difficult to deliver to guests. But you can choose to make a virtual souvenir (a gift card) or buy it on a website that delivers and surprise each one.

  1. Action!

After the decoration is ready and everything organized, enter the time and date agreed on the online platform! Chat, laugh and have a lot of fun. This is your moment. But what about traditional baby shower games? They can also be adapted!

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