Most Popular Vanity Bags to Have

Popular Vanity Bags to Have


Being a makeup lover you may have so much makeup on your dressing table.  One way or the other, it is impossible for girls to go on shopping and not buy makeup products. Now, what happens when in cluttered makeup you don’t find the actual product you need, your favorite liner, or gloss anything? Keeping so much makeup all in one place and in an organized way could be a difficult task. For this reason, makeup vanity bo0xes are designed. They have small and big all separated portions for the makeup. You can categorize your eye-shadow palettes, bronzers, loose powders in individual sections while lip gloss, lipsticks, mascara, and brushes are other separated sections.

These vanity boxes come in different materials and different sizes. Some come with a metallic or plastic body while some in fabric material that is easy to fold and travel-friendly. Hence, this blog has picked the best vanity box for you to have.

1- NISHEL Double Layer Makeup Bag

NISHEL Double Layer traveling Makeup Bag is a soft material that is padded enough to protect all of your delicate makeup products. This bag is designed so beautifully that makes this vanity box very fashionable and gorgeous to carry. Having a 10.5 x 7.5 x 6 inches capacity this vanity box is very spacious. At the bottle of the vanity box, you can keep all your foundation bottles, vertically and safely. Not only this, it is that much roomy that you can keep all the large bottles and even hairdryer sets and the hair curling iron (that comes in regular sizes). Further, in this case, there are 20 slots are available to hold the different sizes of makeup brushes. There is even transparent covering available to protect brushes from dirt. Also, there is one large compartment with a big and small eye-shadow palette. Luckily, you can get more vanity boxes like this with Ounass voucher code at huge discounted prices.

2- Scünci Silver Diamond Cosmetic Case

If you are a makeup artist then you must have so much makeup that you carry along with you at work or other places. Therefore to keep all your makeup organized you may require a cosmetic case that can ease the task for you. Scünci silver diamond cosmetic case has incredible silver diamond features that will look beautiful whenever you carry it. This vanity box has multilayered shelves that are perfect for storing lots of makeup in one place yet in an organized way. The best part about this vanity box is, you not only store makeup in this but also, you can keep toiletries, hair accessories, and jewelry. Further, it has a feature of folding down handle and buckle closure locking security. Also, this cosmetic box is travel-friendly due to its hard-core metallic body that keeps everything safe inside.

3- Glenor Co Makeup Organizer

If you are looking for a vanity box that you can showcase on your dressing table then Glenor co makeup organizer would be the best choice for you. This leather body beautiful looking vanity box can instantly catches the eyes of others when you will showcase it on your dressing table. The best part about this vanity box is, it closes completely. It hides all the makeup products inside easily. It has small moving trays and compartments that can easily hold your entire makeup in one place and yet in an organized way.

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