Sending Affordable Flowers to Japan: A Complete Guide

Affordable Flowers to Japan



Sending flowers is always a eternal sign of love, appreciation, and sympathy. Whether you want to celebrate an unusual occasion or express your condolences, sending flowers is a sincere way to express your emotions. If you’re looking to send flowers to Japan cheap in your limited budget, we will guide and help you find the way the process and find inexpensive options to brighten someone’s day on the Land of the Rising Sun.

Choose the Local Florists

When sending cheap flowers to Japan, you can consider opting for local florists rather than international flower delivery services. Local florists often offer fewer prices because they have access to fresh, locally grown flowers. These local florists are also more likely to offer personalized service and deliver your bouquet promptly.

Online Flower Delivery Services

There are many online flower delivery services available for Japan that can help you send reasonably priced flowers to Japan. Online websites have partnership with local florist and they also offer an extensive range of floral arrangements at different price. Make sure the website you choose has an option for Japan flowers delivery

Compare Prices and Deals

Before placing an order, you can compare prices and deals from different flower delivery services. Look for unusual promotions and discounts, or regular offers that can help you to save your money. Sometimes, subscribing to a newsletter or using a coupon code can considerably reduce the price of your bouquet.

Choose In-Season Flowers

Selecting flowers that are in-season in Japan or locally grown like cherry blossoms (sakura), chrysanthemums, and peonies can comprehensively lower your costs. In-season flowers are more easily available, fresher, and less expensive than imported flowers and varieties.

Consider Potted Plants

Sometimes, Instead of cut flowers, think of sending potted plants or succulents. These options can be more budget-friendly in Japan, as they last longer and require less maintenance. Potted plants can be a caring and lasting gift, ideal for expressing your sentiments.

DIY Flower Arrangements

If you have a creative mind and gardening is your hobby, you can save lot of money by creating your own flower arrangement. You can purchase fresh flowers from a locally grown market or grocery store and arrange them in a vase or container. This special touch can make your floral arrangement even more significant.

Opt for Economy Delivery

When choosing a delivery option, think of selecting free or standard shipping rather than express or same-day delivery. While quick delivery can be more expensive, economy shipping may take a little longer time to schedule your delivery but will be more budget-friendly.

Delivery Address Details

Ensure that you have correct and complete delivery address details to prevent any mishaps or additional cost. Make sure to provide the recipient’s contact number to make easy the delivery route.

Personalized Messages

Don’t forget to include a heartfelt message with your flower delivery. A thoughtful message can convey your emotions and make your gift more meaningful, no matter the budget.


Sending affordable flowers to Japan can be a wonderful and caring sign. By choosing local or online florists, comparing prices, choosing in-season flowers, and considering potted plants or DIY arrangements, you can convey your sentiments.

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