The 3 rules to respect when you are invited for Diwali

clothese for diwali


What to wear: traditional Indian dress, what to bring: friendship.”

1.Wear traditional attire

Unanimously, Indians recommend dressing in local attire. Farah , a young dynamic executive, explains: “For Diwali, the clothes and the dishes have remained very traditional. Western-style dresses, long or short, are not a good choice for this occasion. ”

In order not to be mistaken, women can opt for the traditional salwar-karmeez: the long tunic (kameez) worn over trousers (salwar).

You can also wear a cropped top to match a long loose skirt like many Indian women.

Diwali outfits gifts messagesSome ideas of crop top + long skirt

For men, the recommended dress is the kurta, long or short, combined with traditional pants.

Diwali outfits gifts messageSome ideas of kurta

2. Don’t come empty-handed

Diwali is the festival of lights, but this date also marks the start of a new year for most Indians, regardless of their religion. This is why it is customary to bring a gift when invited to this occasion and to offer it to neighbors and friends.

Ruchi , a mother from Mumbai, explains to us that the options are numerous and vary according to the level of the relationship with the person: “Dried fruits: cashews, almonds, grapes,… are the ideal present for people. that you don’t know very well. ”

Traditionally, Indians also offer sweets such as “ladoos”, but in recent years these have been considered by modern families to be unhealthy because they are too sweet. “Today, several companies have launched healthier products such as granola jars on the market,” Farah tells us . More and more companies also offer chocolates inspired by the Christmas tradition in the West.

Finally, if you are close with the host, you can opt for a less traditional gift such as table linen or a decorative object. Farah says: “Some people are happy to receive a bottle of wine, but it’s best to ask them first.”

When it comes to gifts, it’s important to note that the packaging plays just as important a role as the content! The stores, from the small street stall to the big name, compete in imagination to offer boxes, baskets and other decorated containers. The fruit stands in the street prepare wonderful compositions of fresh and dried fruit.

Farah adds: “The gifts offered for Diwali have evolved from traditional and authentic to more international and sometimes experimental products.”

3. Wish Happy Diwali

The festival lasts for five days, but the exact date of Diwali is the third day (this year, Sunday October 27) and traditionally, “Happy Diwali” is only desired from then on. But this tradition is being lost more and more. It is also customary to pronounce these words when one is invited to this occasion, even before the said day.

Arriving on a Diwali party, Ruchi recommends adding “Namaste” after Happy Diwali when addressing the host. It marks respect and literally means: “I bow to the divine values ​​that are in you”.

Also, most of the people working in the places you frequent will exclaim “Happy Diwali” even before the festival starts. Be careful, this means that you should not forget the New Year’s gifts.

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