Tips for Shopping for the Best Silver Jewelry

Best Silver Jewelry


Silver jewelry is an adored piece that never runs out of fashion. When shopping for silver, you’ll not only be looking at the beauty side of it but also quality.

Buying genuine silver can be tricky as some sellers sell silver substitutes instead of real silver. To avoid all these and get authentic silver, you need the best tips to get value for your money.

So, how do you get quality silver?

Do a Physical Test

If you want to know if the silver jewelry(bijoux argent) you buy is authentic, consider doing a physical test. The minor physical examination won’t affect the quality of the silver. You can use a strong magnet to test if the silver is magnetic.

Remember, silver is a non-magnetic metal. So, if it attracts the magnet, it’s not pure silver. It could be that jewelry is of nickel or any other metal.

Alternatively, you can rub your silver piece on a clean white cloth. If it leaves black marks on the fabric, that’s genuine silver. The black residue results from a silver reaction with air that makes it oxide.

Ask For the Price

Another easy way of knowing if the silver jewelry you’re about to buy is the best is by asking its price. Know how much sterling silver goes for to help you understand how much your silver should be retailing at.

Then you can ask for the price of the silver to determine if it’s authentic. If it’s cheaper than your expectation, then it’s a show it’s not the best quality or not genuine.

Additionally, if the retailer offers to give you a bigger discount that should make you think twice.

Probe the Seller

You should also probe the seller in detail. Ask all the relevant questions about silver, like price, hallmarks, and where they source the silver.

Also, ask the seller if they sell other jewelry made of different types of silver to know which one is the best. But you need to prepare well for this to ask the right questions and know when the seller is giving the right answers.

If it’s an online seller, request to know if they have a physical shop where you can visit. Physical shops are less likely to scam you increasing your chance of getting the best silver. However, if the business operates online, only ensure the website is reputable by checking on customers’ reviews. You can also ask for friends’ referrals of the best online seller to get the best silver jewelry.

Check for the Marks on the Silver Jewelry

You should also look for real silver markings on the jewelry. The hallmarks are ever tiny and found in discrete places on the jewelry. You can use magnifying glass or light to see the markings.

The common marks in authentic silver jewelry are .925 or 925, indicating its sterling silver jewelry.

The fine silver hallmark is 999 or 99.9. High-quality silver is mixed with a copper alloy to improve its durability since pure silver is soft. If you see EPNS, that’s a nickel substitute that looks like silver.

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