Top 10 Beautiful and Easy Peacock Rangoli Design:

Rangoli Design


Peacock Rangolis are very colorful, and demarcating each design according to its shape is quite difficult. While some are very basic designs, few others resemble the tail and the feathers of a Peacock Birds body. The beautiful colour of their feathers is the main attraction of this beautiful and amorous combination.

It starts with just you and your choice of Peacock Rangoli Designs. Besides being a really good option for Diwali time, Peacock Rangolis are quite famous in many parts of India. These rangoli styles are specifically famous in Gujrat, and the Rajasthan region. It is special, beautiful and highly organised.

1.   Red and Blue Peacock Rangoli Design

I’m a big fan of the colour red, and when it is mixed along with blue it nearly makes a beautiful combination of the night sky. Such is the case of this glamorous combination of these Peacock Rangoli Designs.

2.  Green and Blue Peacock Rangoli Design

If you look closely into most peacocks, they are either green or blue in colour. It is like a mix of shades, which features their body colour. That has been used in this pretty awesome and amazing Rangoli Design.

3.  Purple and Green Peacock Rangoli Design

More than just the design, this particular Rangoli holds the closest shade of a Peacock Bird. Well, in the colour wheel we do have the shade peacock blue. Which is basically a combination of Blue and Purple but this one has been mixed along with green.

4.  White and Pink Peacock Rangoli Design

White is a lovely shade, and they make anything better and glossier. Such is the case for this beautiful and feminine colour combination. Instead of blue, or any other primary colour combination, this has pretty pastel shades.

5.  Black and White Peacock Rangoli Design

Black is one of the most uncommon colours when it comes to a rangoli design. Infact, black is hardly used for naturalistic rangoli arts. It is pretty and has the most beautiful shades that work like a wonder. It is pretty and has the most amorous colour combination.

6.  White and Blue Peacock Rangoli Design

White is a lovely colour, and it is known for its glorious combination for two most important reasons. Firstly white blends with almost all colour combinations, and secondly it hardly needs to have another shade to make it prettier.

7.  Yellow and Red Peacock Rangoli Design

If you are not sure which is the right shade of rangoli sand for your Peacock design, choose something which is widely used for most of most designs. In India, it is Red and Yellow have a separate fanbase, making it a very beautiful option for the big day.

8.  Red and Ornage Peacock Rangoli Design

Yellow and red together form orange, and with Rangoli sands, you will get a separate colour for orange. They are pretty awesome, they form some of the most beautiful colours for your peacock shape. Orange is one of the best shades for rangoli art.

9.  Red and Green Peacock Rangoli Design

Red and Green are some of the most naturalistic shades, which makes it so much better in terms of the Peacock Rangoli Design. It is beautiful, well organised and has some of the prettiest shades, of red and green.

10.Pink and Blue Peacock Rangoli Design

When we are talking about colours, it has no end. But the proximity says that most of the designs are either pink or blue. They are pretty awesome and ahs the most undistinguished colour combination.

These are some of the best options for Peacock Rangoli Designs. They are versatile and have several options. They are quite popular in India and have the most beautiful combination. Besides being a few of the most popular designs, these Rangoli Designs are super easy and you hardly need anything else with this.

Just a packet of Rangoli sands, with twelve to fourteen shades of Rangoli sands, you would be able to make this happen. Your regular rangoli tools might work like a wonder for these beautiful and elegant designs of peacock rangoli art.

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