How to Dress Like a Lawyer

Like a Lawyer


Choosing the correct clothing is critical to being taken seriously in a legal environment. Avoid bright colors and patterns. Also, don’t wear shantung or dupioni silk. Getting tailor-made suits can help you look sharp and presentable. In addition, a basic pant suit can work just as well. Below are some tips to dress like a lawyer and be taken seriously in a legal environment.

Avoiding bright colors

In the legal profession, lawyers should generally avoid bright colors. This is especially true for new attorneys who may feel pressured to be conservative in their dress. While lawyers in the South may sometimes wear seersucker suits, you should avoid them in general. Instead, opt for a classic blue and white suit and tone-down accessories. For women, opt for a skirt and blouse. And for men, choose a dress shirt or long sleeved shirt in a color-coordinating hue.

Avoiding patterns

A DC Golf Cart Accident Lawyer should avoid stripes and plaids. Although stripes can look sharp, they should not overdo it. One exception to this rule is the Prince of Wales check, which is considered a classic plaid and appropriate for a fine lawyer. Also, fine plaids are made of wool and other natural fibers. It is also OK to wear a plaid shirt with a tie, but it must be subtle.

Avoiding shantung or dupioni silk

You should avoid wearing silk fabrics that have slubs and patterns, such as shantung and dupioni. These fabrics are the result of two silk worms creating cocoons at the same time. These materials should not be worn by lawyers, and they are not appropriate for business attire. You should also avoid wearing Hermes ties with animal critters, as they do not look appropriate.

Getting tailored

As a lawyer, your physical appearance is crucial to your professional status. Clients, colleagues, and even your fellow peers in the courtroom judge you by your attire. Investing in the right suit can be an important career move and provide you with the confidence you need in high-pressure situations. Quality suits should be well-cut and custom-tailored to fit your body. The video below includes visual details. Getting tailored is a great way to achieve the perfect fit and maximize comfort.

Office expectations

There are certain things you must do in order to dress appropriately as a lawyer. Whether you are a new attorney or a seasoned pro, you should look clean cut and professional. Wrinkled clothes will throw your wardrobe out of whack, so make sure you iron and press your clothes. You can also dry clean your business clothes if they get dirty. Also, you should always have a backup outfit for unforeseen circumstances.

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