Understanding the Fit, Fabric and Function of Suits

Fabric and Function of Suits



Fitting suits are always the most excellent option for both comfort and aesthetics.

Like any other piece of apparel, a poorly fitting tuxedo will look horrible no matter what it’s made of or how beautiful it seems on the rack. You cannot look your best in an ill-fitting outfit.

As a result, while considering suit rentals that make you seem impressive, the fit is everything. This should be your initial and most critical triage point. Choose an alternative style if they don’t have the style you desire in a decent fit for your physique, or a separate renting location entirely.

Some rental companies provide stitched modifications. Most employ hooks, Velcro, and even safety pins to alter the size of their templates to your body. Needless to say, finding a good match in this manner is difficult. Work with the salespeople to achieve as much personalization as possible. If you have an option, avoid retailers that provide a single fast fit with concealed hooks or Velcro.


If you want to know how to rent a tuxedo that will make you appear like a million bucks, there is one material you should seek for. The main body of a tuxedo should be made of wool, with grosgrain or satin for the lapels, braiding, and other details.

Anything made of a synthetic mix will appear slippery and plastic-like, especially in intense light. It will also keep sweat at bay — because if you think you’ll be entirely sweat-free during your wedding, you’re overestimating your nerves.

The better the wool fabric in men’s clothing, the smoother the drape, making you appear more natural and at ease.

Shirts should be made of fine white cotton and have strong pique shirt fronts. If the shirting feels sticky and slippery or is so thin that you can see the intricacies of your skin through it, it’s time to upgrade. If you choose a wing collar, it should be solid and sharp around the edges.


Your wedding party’s style is entirely up to you.

However, if you do dress in tuxedos, try to make it classy. Stick to the core black tie customs, and be prepared to disregard nine-tenths of most rental catalogues.

For starters, you should avoid anything with bright colours – if the groom’s party is to have a colour theme, it should be in the pocket squares or cummerbunds at most (and even then, it should be a muted colour, like a deep blue or burgundy).

Unless you’re going to a high school prom, brightly coloured vests are out.

Beyond that, it can be worth exploring tuxedos that individuals already possess — for example, if you have a custom-tailored tuxedo of your own, seek a rental business that can match it with identical (though lower-quality) versions for your groomsmen. If you don’t have a tux, but a couple of your groomsmen do, hire something comparable to theirs to save them rental expenses, and so on.

Most importantly, make sure that your wedding suit style matches the wedding dress that your bride plans to wear. Otherwise, the overall style can end up looking messy.

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