What gift to offer for Diwali’s

gift to offer for Diwali's


The festival of lights is approaching and you still do not know what to get your mother, father, children or your friends? Don’t panic, I’m here to guide you!


Diwali  is a very popular holiday in India because it is the festival of lights, which is an occasion for giving gifts and shooting fireworks. The festivities last five days, of which the third, the most important (”  Bari Divali  “, “the great Divali”), is dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi, the other four being associated with different diwali_candles.jpglegends and traditions. Besides Hindus, Sikhs and Jains also celebrate Divali, attaching other symbolic values ​​and different historical references to it. Divali is also celebrated in Nepal (where the majority of the population is Hindu) and in many countries where large Indian communities live, such as Malaysia, Singapore, or South Africa.

I will introduce you to the three types of gifts that you can give.


Yes it is! Pastries or chocolate are always the secret of gifts to give, whether for Christmas or for Diwali. What could be better than offering sweet pastries for your loved ones? Preferably choose “sweets” which are Indian pastries such as bhurfee, motichoor, kaju katli. During this festival, dried fruits (grapes, almonds) are also very popular because the Indians promote health so it will impress them! The best formula is therefore to offer a combo of the three gifts with pastries, chocolate and dried fruits.


“Chalak chalak”. Giving a sparkling, shiny and pretty gift is always appreciated by young ladies! You can always give them any type of jewelry, but what are the best gifts for Diwali?

Bracelets : Mandatory to wear for traditional Diwali outfits, women love to wear bracelets on this festive day. Favor dangling bracelets or bracelets that produce a sound because this day will be happy and noisy!

 Assorted at half sari and sari, the pegs are very stylish for women. Think about the little details that will make your loved ones happy.

The tikka : Head jewelry is a traditional Indian jewelry. Who says traditional says Diwali!


The best way to impress your loved ones is to gift traditional Indian outfits. It is obviously more expensive, but it is the best gift because it will be the outfit worn by your loved one on the big day!

For men : You can offer sherwani or kurtas .

For women : Offer silk sarees for married women, half saris for young girls or salwars , lehengas for women who prefer more modern dresses.

Happy Diwali! Stay tuned to see the top Diwali trends brought to you by your favorite blogger!

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