10 ideas to be fashionable while saving the planet

be fashionable


Is green the new black?

One thing is for sure, it is possible to look fabulous while helping to save the planet.

For fashion-conscious consumers who want to go green, here are some great tips from Lucy Siegle, journalist and environmental expert.

Before you go shopping, consider these 10 emerging innovations, trends, and tips that can help you style that lasts.

1. Don’t buy, trade

You might feel like you’ve worn this sparkly top to too many parties, but your friend may have been coveting it for years and would jump at the chance to get her hands on it.

Why not trade it in for something she owns that is old to her but feels new to you?

We can extend the life of an item of clothing by trading with friends and family or by donating to a charity that can redistribute to those in need.

Research conducted by the WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Program) charity suggests that we are improving in this area.

Although sales are on the rise, the amount of clothing from residual household waste in the UK, for example, has fallen by 50,000 tonnes since 2012.

2. Lower the temperature

Saving the planet doesn’t necessarily mean wearing stained shirts … but when you get ready to do your laundry, just wash your clothes at 30 ° C instead of 60.

According to WRAP, the carbon footprint has been reduced by 700,000 tonnes as households wash their clothes at lower temperatures and tumble dry and iron less often.

A great excuse to put away the ironing board and wear those crumpled strides with pride.

Why do so many incompetent men become leaders?

Dakar Fashion Week in science fiction mode

3. Less is more

Aha, I found the perfect apple leather man bag!

There has been an increase in clothing sales, in recent years it is estimated that 1,130,000 tonnes of clothing were sold in 2016, in the UK alone.

But the latest trend is to save money and buy more expensive and better items, which in turn are more durable.

Keeping our clothes on for longer helps reduce the huge impact of garment production and processing.

4. The lucky pants theory

MC Hammer may have his own “lucky pants” theory ….

Studies in psychology show that we are more likely to keep clothing that has symbolic meaning.

If we believe the pants we wore for a successful interview were “lucky,” then we’re going to want to wear them for our next interview.

The same goes for a birthday dress, a wedding vest or an anniversary anorak

We should all build a narrative around our clothes that makes us feel good when we wear them – that way we’ll have a hard time losing them.

5. Online exchanges are on the rise

Fille vêtue d’un body de licorne, assise sur le canapé, utilisant une tablette.


Exchange of a size 8 unicorn onesie for a size 9. Comes with matching slippers.

More and more of us are using online stores like Ebay and Etsy to buy and sell second-hand clothes.

Everyone loves a good deal, and these are places you can find it.

In addition to the increase in online trade, the vintage clothing industry has swelled – with quirky, vintage and retro clothing filling our wardrobes.

And in the main street, many consumer chains introduce second-hand or refurbished products, which makes it easier to buy.

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