6 beauty steps to look younger than your age

look younger


As the years go by, cells regenerate less quickly. The process slows down around the age of 22 or 23… Fortunately, simple but unstoppable tips can delay the signs of aging.

Take care of your hands

We often read the marks of time. Very stressed and exposed, the skin of the hands wrinkles, and spots appear over time. Obviously, it is essential to nourish the skin of the hands by applying a nourishing and soothing cream daily. The Hand Cream Restorative Shea Butter Burt’s Bees preserves their softness and flexibility. Improving the appearance of the hands is really essential to maintaining a youthful appearance for longer! To do so, adorn the nails with a beautiful bright color according to the trend of the moment: red is a timeless! from beautiful Well-groomed nails make all the difference, believe our experts.

Remove makeup by massaging

The goal: to activate micro-circulation. Make pressure points especially around the eye area where the skin is particularly thin. To reduce dark circles and signs of fatigue, the Roll-on Icy Magic, Polaar , with its small ball, is ideal. The combination of active ingredients with anti-puffiness and anti-dark circles action and Siberian ginseng is radical to maintain tone and radiance. In addition, the treatments that you apply in the evening can act while you sleep : it is therefore a long- lasting application that will allow cosmetics and their collagen to penetrate your skin deeply. To you relaxed features and full of vitality upon awakening!

Use a suitable cream

How to look younger than your age? Respect the needs of your skin! The needs of the skin vary according to its age. Enriched with grape seed oil, with regenerative properties, the Youth Brightening Day Cream, Institut Arnaud gives an immediate lifting effect to skin that lacks suppleness. Whether your skin texture is already wrinkled or your features are still smooth, it is essential to start an appropriate skincare ritual now . Adopt the right reflexes to keep your skin looking young for as long as possible. Balanceyour skin with creams and makeup removers adapted to its own needs and do not forget to redraw your features using a daily facial massage , for example when applying the night cream. Your face will rejuvenate and you can take advantage of this moment to relax just before going to snuggle up under the duvet.

Use sun protection every day

The sun, even if it is full of vitamin D essential to our morale and our health , is also very harmful for our skin! The bad rays of the sun accentuate the wrinkled visual of the face. All beauticians around the world will tell you: the absolute key to a fresh, smooth and youthful complexion is in the regular application of sunscreen. Adopt and some stuff simple tips to put the odds on your side . To avoid fine lines and spots, incorporate a moisturizer with sun protection into your routine. The Tinted Moisturizer Laura Merciercontains an SPF20. Fluid, it gives radiance at the same time as it protects against free radicals.

When you expose yourself, apply a moisturizer with sun protection, such as Face Sunscreen, Mimitik a. Thus, you will be protected from the bad rays of the sun throughout the year. And if you want a pretty sunless tan, go for the self-tanning mineral powder, Trystal Minerals Brush Sunkissed Vita Liberata .

Play sports

You can not keep a youthful appearance without exercising ! In addition to giving a nice color to your complexion and being beneficial for your health , sport is a real youth asset. Physical activity is great for eliminating toxins, maintaining skin elasticity, and promoting general well-being. It is also the moment when you can let go of your phone and disconnect … Obviously beneficial. After the effort, the Mist of Rose, Doux Me softens and soothes the skin.

Fill up on antioxidants

On the plate (fresh fruit, oilseeds, etc.) but also in the composition of your treatments. They neutralize the natural aging process of the skin. The pine seeds powder Maritime Océopin , very smooth body and rich in antioxidants natural, smooth and refreshing.

In addition to providing you with daily vitamin , these foods effectively fight free radicals while increasing your daily vitality. Of course, you can also find them in many cosmetics, including care of the eyes .

Adopt a good haircut, according to the advice of a hairstylist to highlight your pretty face and the fruit of your efforts! A little extra tip: to hide neck wrinkles , opt for stand-up collars which will give you a distinguished look and rejuvenate for sure. Bet on trendy clothes in which you feel beautiful . Self-confidence is the key to a young and dynamic look!

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