Look at a diamond in different lighting conditions

diamond in different lighting


This point is important because it is the only jewel that we wear every day of our life. You must then see it under different lighting, which will allow you to see the brightness change depending on the lighting.

Daylight, candle light, fluorescent lighting, spot lighting … a diamond looks very different under these various lighting conditions.

Why ? Because the facets of a diamond act like tiny mirrors, reflecting their environment. Any movement causes light to reflect on the facets and then on each other, producing spellbinding flashes of light and color. So, when buying a diamond engagement ring, look under these four different lighting conditions to see how it works:

  An environment where point lighting is not fantastic

Diffuse lighting: Fluorescent lights that bounce light off a white ceiling are best!

A mixed lighting environment: “spot” and diffused lighting

Natural light: directly under the sun, or in the dappled shade of a tree which shatters the diamond’s light into thousands of shards.

Remember that the diamond ring will not be worn by you but by your other half. You have to think about where it will be most often. You need to choose a diamond engagement ring that works best with this environment.


For diamonds of similar color and clarity, the cut is responsible for the sparkle of the stone. A simple tip to ensure that a brilliant round diamond really shines is to choose one that has a cut quality known as “Excellent” or “Very Good”. As a general rule, the more diamonds an engagement ring has, the more sparkle and sparkle the engagement ring will be. Sometimes this is a reason to choose a ring with side stones.

How To Make Your Diamond Engagement Ring Bigger?

Crimp the diamond in a fluted white metal head, this is an illusion setting. The diamond will appear to be the size of the entire head.

Use a cluster setting: place several small diamonds of similar size next to each other. This technique maximizes sparkle and gives the illusion of a single diamond that is much larger than the melee diamonds used to make it.


A diamond engagement ring is the one piece of jewelry that a person will wear every day of their life. This jewel must please the person who is going to wear it. Now is the time to prioritize your partner’s tastes over your own. There are several ways to get information. The first is to ask him directly, but then the surprise effect is wasted! But you can also:

Observe: what style of jewelry does your partner wear most often? With what metal?

Ask her best friend, she will definitely know a lot about her dream engagement ring!

Go buy some jewelry together. Pay attention to what first attracts him to a jewel, do not hesitate to ask him questions at this time!

Here are some suggestions depending on your style:

Her style can be classic if your partner has a refined look and likes to surround themselves with things that have elegance. An engagement ring with a single rectangular shaped diamond or a faceted round diamond in the brilliant style are timeless choices that would probably suit her style!

If your partner is very romantic, the heart shaped diamond might make her fall in love with you again!

If her tastes are rather modern, she must know what is trending at the moment so ask your diamond dealer for advice to know what is best.

 If your partner is artistic or creative, then Art Deco or Art Nouveau style engagement rings will most likely appeal to him.

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